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Udruženje inženjera Srbije za koroziju i zaštitu materijala
Serbian Society of Corrosion and Materials Protection


Institute of Chemistry, Technology
and Metallurgy


Engineering Academy of Serbia

XVI YuCorr



On the occasion of 60th Anniversary of UISKoZaM


Meeting Point of the Science and Practice in the Fields of Corrosion, Materials
and Environmental Protection


23-26 June 2014, Hotel OMORIKA, Tara Mountain, Serbia



Under auspice of

Ministry of Education and Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia

Sponsored by

EFC Event
No. 378


....Conference Venue


Aim and Scope


Prof. dr M. Pavlović, President, Serbia


Prof. dr Đ. Vaštag, Serbia

Prof. dr D. Vuksanović, Montenegro

Prof. dr D. Čamovska, Macedonia

Prof. dr J. Marku, Albania

Prof. dr M. Antonijević, Serbia

Prof. dr M. Jotanović, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Prof. dr R. Zejnilović, Montenegro

Prof. dr V. Alar, Croatia

Dr N. Nikolić, Serbia

Dr I. Krastev, Bulgaria

Prof. dr J. Bajat, Serbia

Doc. dr M. Gvozdenović, Serbia

Prof. dr S. Hadži Jordanov, Macedonia

Docent dr R. Fuchs Godec, Slovenia

Dr T. Vidaković-Koch, Germany

Dr V. Panić, Serbia

Dr M. Stojanović, Serbia

Prof. dr D. Jevtić, Serbia

Prof. dr I. Esih, Croatia

Dr F. Kokalj, Slovenia

Prof. dr I. Juranić, Serbia

Prof. dr M. Gligorić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Prof. dr A. Kowal, Poland

Prof. dr M. Tomić, Bosnia and Herzegovina




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